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SRI-ITALIA is a registered trademarks of FINIMPIANTI, an ITALIAN company operating worldwide in the field of components for combustion engines.
Components used to manufacture , to rebuild and to repair diesel engines used in auto vehicles.

Main FINIMPIANTI’s strengths are : great TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE, deep MARKET KWNOLEDGE and a large and strong DISTRIBUTION NETWORK  supported with a wide RANGE of PRODUCTS.

FINIMPIANTI is recognized in the market  as a STRONG and RELIABLE partner, continuously committed in offering the BEST SOLUTION in terms of quality, service and price.

SRI-ITALIA products satisfies the international standard ISO 9001

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SRI-ITALIA means quality engine parts designed, developed and distributed in order to satisfy international standard.
Behind all this, there is the passion and the dedication of many people, that work hard to make  new goals possible every day.

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